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Serving Chicago since 2012…

Jaime Jara is the owner and chef of Breakfast House Chicago.

He's been working in the restaurant industry in Chicago ever since he arrived from Ecuador. After 10 years of working in the kitchen, he decided to create a restaurant with a neighborhood feel, a place where you can come with family, friends, or simply by yourself to enjoy a variety of delicious, home-cooked menu items and interact with friendly staff.

Jaime dreamed of a place where he could combine all of his knowledge from his previous work experience into his own creation. Through his hard work, passion, and support from family and friends, his first location was established in December of 2012 in the West Town neighborhood. Six years later he opened his second location in the Lake View area.

The Covid pandemic was a big challenge for Breakfast House, although it did not stop the team from opening their third location in the Irving Park neighborhood in December of 2020. The restaurant was supported by take-out and delivery only for many months. Thanks to the support of Breakfast House customers, the company and team managed to make it through one of the most difficult time periods the service industry has faced.

Almost six months later Breakfast House Chicago & Coffee Bar opened its doors in Wrigleyville as the fourth location to continue on with its goal of providing tasty meals, a great customer experience, and a neighborhood feel within the Chicagoland area. In 2022 the fifth location opened in Belmont Heights.

Jaime's family was always involved in his idea of creating this cozy and friendly environment. In fact, at the age of 8, Jaime's son Diego created the idea for the name of the restaurant, Breakfast House. 

Breakfast House has a strong vision to continue to provide a community feel and great food within the Chicago area. The team is always working on new dishes - the restaurant features special plates every week in order to find perfect dishes to incorporate into the menu. As a result, new vegan dishes have been successfully added. Diego’s Chicken Sandwich is one of the latest signatures. This dish was an original idea that Diego had for a long time, and with the help of Jaime, they created the perfect Chicken Sandwich. There are also a variety of American breakfast options and options with a Latin touch! We are always looking for customer feedback, so come on in and try!

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